What Tim thinks of Red Orchestra 2

Well I’m still waiting for Seb to churn out a review of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. Will we ever see it? Who knows. He will give you a plethora of excuses why, but in reality he is just a lazy worthless… Anyway I will not do it for him but I will give my impressions of what the game is like.

I can’t stop dying. All my skills at Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, really any other FPS have been flung out the window but I’m not seeing it as a bad thing. Run out in the open – Shot. Stay too long in the one position – Shot. Don’t stick with your fellow teammates – Shot. Red Orchestra takes realism to the extreme and I absolutely love it.

Who cares if I keep dying? It’s the feeling you get when you manage to flank around a massive building, take out the enemy scout and sneak up behind an entrenched group before quickly shooting them in the back. You feel like a hero. A proper war hero who has saved countless numbers of men by doing what he just did. It takes time for these things to happen and certainly takes time to get used to the strange controls but once you get past that and immerse yourself in the game it really is quite something special. Please note, this was all on multiplayer and I’ve heard singleplayer really was a let down.

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