Turret Opera Explained

Some of you might well have been wondering why the Portal turrets, machines designed specifically to fill you with more holes than there are holes in the scientific theory behind most of Aperture’s experiments, are able to bring tears to many a gamer’s eye with their hauntingly, beautiful Turret Opera which is sung at the end of Portal 2.

Well you might wonder if you were the sort of person who has no soul…

Anyway, the time of wondering is over as Valve have released a 6 page comic, named Turret Lullaby, that explains fully why the turrets can sing better than most people, including me, can. As I say, it is only 6 pages and those pages only have a few panels each so I won’t reveal ANY of it. Only that it’s pretty cool. No, you can go here right now and check it out!

Naturally, by most standards it doesn’t make much sense, but hey! This IS Aperture Science we are talking about here! Also check the Turret Opera here:


After you have seen that, check the next video out as it’s EVEN MORE full of awesome!

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