Red Orchestra Expansion: The Medal of Honour Pack

Of COURSE it’s not called The Medal of Honour Pack… Don’t be daft. I was merely being clever. And it WAS clever (trust me on that) because the expansion pack for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, named Rising Storm, is set in the Pacific in the war between in the USA and Japan. This means it’s going to be sunnier and more “jungley” than the actual Heroes of Stalingrad.

There will apparently be some new weapons including flamethrowers and grenade booby-traps, and I imagine there will probably be more than just that as well. If we get out hands on a copy then you can probably expect a review about 2 months after it comes out (if the timing for the review on the whole game itself is anything to go by).

This is only the announcement of the expansion and it is apparently set for release in 2012. So a fair amount of time away!

You can check out the trailer for it here:

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