Announcement: Halloween Charity Livestream

Tis the time of Halloween, everybody looking for a good scare! This year, in the uncertain times of COVID, we are providing some of the scares… Or at least entertainment in the form of reaction to the scares. Tim, who is notoriously a huge wimp when it comes to horror games and cane barely last […]

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Endweek News

You will have, obviously noticed that last week we had no news on Sunday and that this week we actually had no news on Wednesday either. And there are very good reasons for both of these things. As you might be aware I am in the middle of my exam period and I’m finding it […]

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Indie Games – Release date city

A few different Indie Games have been given release dates in the very near future, so if any of the following games are oens you are looking forward to then you can mark down some dates in your diary: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (just confirmation that the PC version will be released, with the Xbox […]

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No XBox 720 or PS4

I write this with a heavy heart and a slow hand. I didn’t get much news out yesterday or the day before, and for that I make no excuses and promise to be back on the ball over the Weekend. One thing I couldn’t simply let pass without posting (even for a few hours) is […]

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Paradox reveal three new games

Our lovely friends at Paradox haveĀ unveiled a trio of games which they will be sending our way all of them remarkably different and interesting. The reason for the sudden revealing of three games all at once is due to the GDC (Games Developer’s Conference) where gaming news and reveals abound.

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