Ezio Auditore in Soul Calibur V

Guess who’s gonna be in Soul Calibur V! Go on! Guess!

Oh… it says it in big letters at the top there? Well I’m gonna tell you again anyway!

Ezio Auditore will be one of the playable characters in the upcoming latest instalment to the Soul Calibur games. Hell that’s almost enough to make me actually consider buying the game. And I never buy fighting games… But this one has Ezio in it! Man… it’s a dilemma… You can check the trailer here after the jump.

Naturally Ezio has been… shall we say “Tekkan’d” as all his attacks now come with lots of glowing and shining. Because you know it’s not really a fight until your sword is either twice the size of you or it glows like a lightsaber cross-bred with fairy lights. I do wonder though whether this will affect the balance of the game. Because it’s Ezio-fucking-Auditore, there ain’t a fighter in the world that could match him.

And if the fighter on the off-chance IS just as good then Ezio could just kill him with his awesome. It’s another dilemma! Wow, two for the price of one! Anyway, enough talk! Watch this:

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