I feel compelled to write something today even though nobody is offering anything newsworthy. Unfortunately the one thing that struck me as most interesting I can’t really write about without copy-pasting a whole article off Joystiq.

Instead I’m just going to give you the link to the article in question.

Basically it gives us a few interesting tidbits of information about the long-awaited release of Microsoft’s next generation console (as far as I am aware the name hasn’t been officially announced yet, but most people call it the X-Box 720). It’s only rumours at the moment but it is better than nothing.

It also means that we may in the next few years see a sudden surge in the graphics and levels of awesome in console games. I’m pretty sure that Skyrim will be pushing the boundaries of what the X-Box 360 can possibly achieve, so a new console is probably becoming, well, almost overdue. And as a console gamer, an improvement to consoles will be most welcome (minus the cost…)!

P.s. Pic semi-related… It’s a fan depiction of an X-Box 720. And a very fanciful one at that!

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