Arkham City DLC: Fail DLC is Fail

According to this post from Joystiq, the next batch of DLC for Arkham City will be hitting us on December 20th. The new DLC will feature some challenge maps that were, I believe, only available to certain people (those who had pre-ordered from certain places like Ali did). These challenges maps are Jokers Carnival and the Iceberg Lounge. It’s not all previously released stuff though! There will also be a new challenge map taking place inside the Batcave!Man! That’s awesome!

Except it’s a challenge map…

I swear Rocksteady seem to think that what we like most about Arkham City is the Challenge Maps… And I know, I know, we haven’t reviewed OR discussed the game yet (both are in the works fine readers, do not fear) but allow me to give you this sneak preview:

The challenge maps… are the WORST part of Arkham City. I mean, that’s like saying one part of the cake is the worst part of a cake… It’s still amazingly awesome… But it’s not the part we want.

So please Rocksteady… Hear our plea! Less boring challenge maps and more Side Quests or sidekick missions in the game!


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