Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City Trailer

I’ve never really been that into the Resident Evil series. Films or games. I never got into the original and so have never really become a fan of the series and have never felt the need to try any of them out.

However the new trailer for Operation Racoon City by Capcom does it’s utmost to convince people that the game is going to be cool. It combines the traditional scary mutants and zombies with a heap of gore and a rather impressive dose of human versus human combat as the evil Umbrella Inc. Security Services (or USS) collide with an American Spec-Ops team.

In fact there is a rather greater focus on the human versus human combat with all sorts of cool looking gadgets and intense shooting. In fact with so much focus on TWO teams of soldiers with their own benefits and weapons… Do I smell a multiplayer? With a release date on the 20th of March this year I suppose people will be finding out soon.


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