The Internet goes Dark

In protest of SOPA and Protect IP, the two bills be considered in US congress right now several prominent websites on the internet are going to only have a black screen. The screen will explain that the website is doing this in order to protest against the two bills but will otherwise be unusable for an entire day. The day that websites are going to go dark, or “Blackout” as it is being called right now is tomorrow (I.e. the 18th of January).

Amongst the websites doing it are Wikipedia, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Reddit and thousands of Twitter users. Even Google is going to be posting a link on it’s main search page to an explanation of why it opposes the bills. This is being done to raise awareness of the truly fear-inspiring pieces of legislation that are SOPA and PIPA which could potentially take away our freedom of speech online and our freedom to actually use the internet as we please.

At MMGaming we’d like to completely show our support for this Blackout and again would like to mention our opposition of the bills. I genuinely hope they get stopped soon.

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