Thief 4 – New Details

Not much is known yet about Thief 4 only that it’s in development and that people are all very excited about it. It’s probable that there will be a large announcement and release of news about the game at E3 this year but until then people have to make do with rumours and tiny tid-bits of information.

Anyway LinkedIn has apparently got a few of the interesting bits of information and they were dragged out into the light earlier today.

  1. Thief 4 will apparently be using the Unreal Engine and as such people are expecting the game to look and feel really rather awesome.
  2. There were mentions of “online tools” and “networking” and as such the now common assumption is that Thief 4 will contain some form of multiplayer. While this is no way confirmed, the fact that sites like Eurogamer and Joystiq both say unequivocally “Thief 4 will have multiplayer” suggests that this is one rumour that’s probably going to be true.
  3. There is apparently some mention of the game being open-world rather than linear, but this is just assumption and guesswork based on very little, right now anyway. There is also some suggestion of open action sequences as well as the open world, but again it’s just guesswork and inference.

That’s about it for new information of Thief and it has stirred up a lot of interest. I can understand as well, a multiplayer in Thief? How would it work? I mean, I never expected the Assassin’s Creed multiplayer to work or be good, but it did and was so perhaps we should expect some good things.

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