Binary Domain – Two trailers for the price of one

Here are a couple of trailers for Sega’s upcoming game Binary Domain. With a release date of the 28th of February this year it’s a third person, squad based shooter where you will be up against robots that are indistinguishable from humans. For some information about the game and some awesome trailer’s you should jump into the article here!

While the game idea may not sound all that original and impressive, the game does have a few features which DO sound pretty amazing. First is the “Consequence System” where every choice you make and everything you do throughout the game affects the way your squad thinks about you. And so they may come to trust you or they may lose their trust in you. And their level of trust and overall opinion of you changes the way they act, fight and behave. Very clever… For more information you should check the official website.

Also apparently you can now actually speak to your team-mates via a headset and issues orders and commands with the AI being able to recognise 6 different languages. Even better the AI actually TALKS BACK to you… How fucking cool is that?!

Whether these things work or not is yet to be seen, but I think this is the sort of innovation that modern day shooters need!

Anyway, check out some trailery-ness!


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