MMGaming Top 50 Games – 40 to 31

Inspired by the PC Gamer Top 100 games list here is the continuation of own list of the Best Video Games Ever. MMGaming’s official Top 50 Games.

Just a quick reminder of the rules and requirements for a game to make it into the MMG Top 50: first of all, the games in our Top 50 will naturally only include those games which one of us (me or Tim) have played. They will also include games from literally any platform we’ve had access to across the ages.

In order to belong on the list the game had to more-or-less fit two separate criteria: the games would have to be something which blew us away at the time of playing it, such that it still provokes an emotional response now, but also a game which we think is still very worth playing today. As such, some games which we are trying to provide a list of games which were both brilliant at the time but also have not aged like hot garbage and so their excellence can only be explained through the lens of nostalgia. Continue reading

Oldweek News – Seb’s Top 5 from the past

Hey everyone! THIS IS NOT THE ENDWEEK NEWS! In fact I probably shouldn’t even post this… This was a news post I started work on for the last week in February. It was going to contain an apology for not keeping up with the news, despite my promises to myself and to you guys that I would. Even with the new “Seb’s Top 5” system I haven’t been bothering to write a news article at all. This is something I need to deal with and I am currently looking into the possibility of turning it into a weekly video instead, to try and MAKE myself do it.

ANYWAY. The reason I am actually posting this is because I had all of what is below here written and sorted for about two months and it just didn’t seem quite right to simply delete and throw it all away. However, it IS now two months old and so doesn’t really count as news any more. I just didn’t want what I have to go to waste and so I am posting it anyway. Hopefully it’s still entertaining enough that it might make for a good read.

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Binary Domain trailer

Today’s final batch of awesome trailery-ness comes in the form of a cut-scene from Sega’s Binary Domain. Featuring kids, and big-ass weapons and more robots it’s definitely worth a little look and you can check it out after the jump. It’s especially worth a look if you feel the need to fill up your awesome levels so you can get out into the real world.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Cinematic Trailer

A new trailer for a new game by Sega. It involves the Aliens that have been fucking up humanity for the last 20 years in a variety of nasty ways and some pretty awesome graphics. Apparently it’s due to come out this Autumn, so those of you who are interested can make a note in your dairies.

Colour me nothing. Don’t get me wrong, the game could well be good. But the last FPS Alien game I played got boring after about 30 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, it COULD be good. But I’m not going to hold my breath and I will watch it’s development with an interest born only of being interested in games…. The trailer IS cool though…

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