The Last of US Sceenshot

Game Informer has released a trio of screenshots from Naughty Dog’s upcoming survival shooter. The screenshots haven’t revealed very much other than the game is very pretty and that it will, at least partly, be set in Pittsburgh in the US. You can see the other two, as well as a little more, new, information about the game after the jump.

A couple of new tidbits of information that have been revealed include that you will only be able to play as Joel and not the younger girl, Ellie. However, Naughty Dog say that Ellie won’t just be another irritating escort AI who gets in the way when you shoot and gets herself into trouble at every opportunity. Apparently her AI is currently one of the main focuses of the design team as she is meant to be able to “keep up” with the player.

The other little bit of information is that the weapons that you will find and scavenge throughout the game will break often and easily, making you not just have to find ammo for you weapons but you actually have to constantly be on the lookout for new weapons themselves. Just to make that survival horror feel that more tense and authentic.

The game is set for a late 2012, early 2013 release date and will be a PS3 exclusive title, still raging about that. You can check the other two screenshots now. If this game catches your fancy you might want to keep an eye open as Game Informer says that there will be a total of 20 screenshots and images of the game that they will throw our way. So stay tuned!

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