Teaser for new Amnesia

Frictional Games, the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent have set up their lightning rods over their dark castle. Lightning forks around the sky and smashes into the rods power the foul and evil machines in the depths of the castle. The wind howls through the grim pine trees and the sound of screams can be heard even over the wind. Screams of blood curdling horror and fear. Fog wraps around the black stones and condensation drips like blood onto the floor. And above all this a few voices cry in unison. A single guttural cry of “IT LIVES!!!”

And behold the power of their cruelty and malice have forged a new website which appears from the mists of the internet like a hidden creature slowly dragging itself into the light, all claws and soft growls.  A teaser website for the next game that they are creating. Nothing can be seen and nothing is known about it except that it exists… And it is coming!

Fear grips my heart even now as I desperately type this out at my keyboard. I can’t help but wonder what possibly could those evil geniuses have created in their fortress. What have evil have they unleashed upon the world… WHAT HAVE THEY DONE?!?

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