MMGaming Community Incoming!

Right folks! This is a special news post that deserves it’s own article and space on the MMGaming page! At MMgaming we have started up a new endeavour! Now we realise it’s still early days for this site, but we figured it’s good to get started on things sooner rather than later so without any […]

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Baldur’s Gate shenanigans

Something interesting appears to be happening over at While nothing more than a teaser image with some very nostalgia inducing music at the moment there has been confirmation from Trent Oster and his team at Beamdog that SOMETHING is in the works. And that something is Baldur’s Gate related, but not related to the […]

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Teaser for new Amnesia

Frictional Games, the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent have set up their lightning rods over their dark castle. Lightning forks around the sky and smashes into the rods power the foul and evil machines in the depths of the castle. The wind howls through the grim pine trees and the sound of screams can […]

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Please Hold…

You may have noticed a sudden decrease in posting and a bizarre change in the format to MMGaming. Well, this is because we have now changed the domain slightly and we are now hosted by… I think we are now hosting ourselves… Whatever, I wasn’t really paying attention TOO much when the guys started to […]

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