Air Buccaneers trailer explained

You might recall I made a wee news post about a week ago featuring the new Air Buccaneer’s HD trailer. And you’ll also recall that there was a moment at the end of the trailer where a gigantic demon of the ancient world, a being of shadow and flame appears to rise out of the ground which sets fire to EVERYTHING! And you may also recall my confusion at this, but probably weren’t aware of how awesome I thought it was!

Anyway, Ludocraft have explained in order to alleviate everyone’s confusion:

“The Last Song of Väinämöinen is the most devastating weapon of mass destruction ever seen in video gaming history. The player can summon the Old God, Väinämöinen, to the battlefield. Once summoned Väinämöinen ascends onto the battlefield and starts to play the Last Song with his Kantele (Traditional Finnish instrument.) made from the jawbone of giant pike. As Väinämöinen plays his song, the crust of the earth shatters, trees burst into flames, rivers boil away and ultimately the whole universe collapses on itself. And then there’s only silence.

But the gods are fickle and like always, there’s a catch. The players can only use this weapon of mass destruction once. That is ONCE EVER. Not once per round. Not once per server or battle. Once. Ever. Period.”

Woah… That… Is fucking AWESOME!

You only get access to this doomsday weapon if you buy the game during it’s pre-alpha stages, which means you have to buy it before the 28th of February. And then if you do buy it, should you perhaps be losing a game you can just nuke the shit out of the whole world…



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