Air Buccaneers – Alpha gameplay trailer

If you’ve been needing any encouragement to try out the rather wonderful team-based mutliplayer Air Buccaneers then you should definitely check the trailer after the jump, which shows you some of the gameplay and what the game looks like. Overall it does look really rather excellent and, as Tim found out during one of the […]

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Air Buccaneers trailer explained

You might recall I made a wee news post about a week ago featuring the new Air Buccaneer’s HD trailer. And you’ll also recall that there was a moment at the end of the trailer where a gigantic demon of the ancient world, a being of shadow and flame appears to rise out of the ground which […]

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Air Buccaneers HD Trailer

Just a wee trailer for Air Buccaneers HD Alpha, which Tim tried out yesterday in the Fans vs. Developers battle. Despite having missed the battle myself I have to say the game does look pretty epic and from Tim’s description it sounds like an awful lot of fun. I’d say it’s well worth keeping your […]

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AirBuccaneers HD Fan Vs Devs

  So today was the scheduled fan vs developers match on the alpha of their game AirBuccaneers HD. I decided that I should be representing some fans here and so logged in to see whats what. I joined for a total of 3 games, one was an mountainous grass land level, one a swamp and […]

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