Two Release Dates – Lollipop Chainsaw and Fable: The Journey

I usually try to remain aloof and professional when it comes to games and MMGaming but I can’t help but feel derision and distaste towards both of these titles, for rather different reasons. That is why I am cramming both of their releases into the same news post. Of course it does help that I have a lot of news to catch up on, so justifying this to myself was fairly easy.

Anyway, the absolutely ridiculous Lollipop Chainsaw will be released June 15th here in Europe and a few days earlier on the 12th in the US. While it could well be fun and crazy to play the whole premise of the game just puts me off it. It’s like a bunch of people sat down at a board meeting and asked “What do teenage boys like?” To which the answers they came up with were: “Masturbation”, “Chainsaws” and “Zombies”. And, after that fateful day at Grasshopper Manufacture they came up with Lollipop Chainsaw. A game in which you play a buxom, scantily clad cheer-leader killing zombies with a chainsaw in high school.

Even once I get around my issues with the whole theme of the game the gameplay itself looks like a repetitive hack and slasher. If you want it, be my guest. I’ll find my “personal enjoyment” material elsewhere.

My issue with Fable: The Journey is quite different. With an apparent release date of the 4th of September, in the US, the new Fable game will be a Kinect exclusive title. And while I am a fan of the Fable series (less so after number 3) I don’t own a Kinect. So I can’t play this one… Yeah I’m slightly jelly. Not much you understand because I just don’t think a Kinect exclusive title will have that excellent gameplay and it will be more for the casual gamer.

Anyway, I might post trailers for both games… Because I can!


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