Blizzard Rewards Returning Players! A LOT!!

If you have ever played World of Warcraft and then quit and considered starting up again you might well be aware that Blizzard has always tried to reward those who return to World of Warcraft with their “Scroll of Resurrection” which gave bonuses to someone who invited a retired friend back into the game and to the returning player himself (of course this did require you to have someone “re-invite” you to WoW).

Now though the Scroll has been vastly improved from what it was in an attempt to win back players who have quit WoW as an awful lot of them have been recently.

The new scroll grants several impressive rewards:

The player who invited the retired player back into World of Warcraft gets a shiny, new, epic-flying mount: either the Spectral Wind Rider or Spectral Gryphon (depending on your faction).

The retired player who has decided to rejoin the ranks of World of Warcraft gets even MORE impressive stuff: a free upgrade to Cataclysm (although I’m not sure if you can get Cataclysm straight from vanilla or whether you need to at least own Wrath of the Lich King), a character of your choice will be boosted straight to level 80, seven free days of game time AND the ability to move a character of yours to another realm (to join your friend for example).

All in all, if you have been considering rejoining the ranks of, what is still the biggest MMO of our time, World of Warcraft then there has been no better time than now.


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