Diablo 3 to launch with no PvP

Lead designer of upcoming Diablo 3, Jay Wilson, has officially announced, with the full might of Blizzard behind him that Diablo 3 will be releasing without it’s Player versus Player mode.

He said that essentially it was not working to the standards that they had set themselves and that delaying the game purely for the PvP would ruin the release for an awful lot of people (like me) who are looking forward to the co-op and single-player campaigns. I imagine that all is not lost and that PvP will be released as (hopefully free) DLC at some point in the near future after the games release.

But yeah, it would seem that with everything else “just about complete” the PvP was not yet quite up to the same standard as the rest of the game and-

Hang on…

Did he say: “just about complete”? What was he talking about?

The solo and co-op modes?

They’re “just about complete”?

BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL!! Fetch me my mana potions, Jenkins!! There’s DEMONS need SLAYING!!

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