Scrolls Finally Sorted

You may recall from a while back that Bethesda were suing Notch and Mojang over the fact that Notch was intending to call his new game “Scrolls”. Bethesda believed that the name Scrolls was too similar to their own Elder Scrolls series and were worried that us foolish plebs wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Well Mojang won the initial foray into court and so for the time being could keep the name Scrolls for their game.

It would appear now that a settlement between the companies has finally been reached. Mojang/Notch are allowed to keep the name Scrolls but have to give Bethesda the trademark for it. Also Mojang and Notch are NOT allowed to create a competitor for the Elder Scrolls with the name Scrolls.

Which they weren’t doing…

I wonder how much money the lawyers got out of that whole stupid case. Probably more than enough to make my eyes pop out. Well, at least Mojang got to keep the name.

I still think Bethesda should have done the Quake tournament…

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