Bioshock Movie – On Hold Again

Bugger… Another hold up…

Since it’s announcement in 2008 the film version of 2K Game’s Bioshock has been slowly dragging it’s way forward. It seems that every time an advance is made in the project it, just as quickly, reverts back into it’s state of non-existence.

This time the film has been put on  hold due to the director, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, leaving the project. Previous hold ups have included Universal Studios demanding that producer, Gore Verbinksi, reduce the $160 million budget of the film back in 2009. And then earlier this year the production again stopped due to no studio wanting to invest in an R-rated version of the film.

Verbinksi did defend his decision to keep the film R-rated, and I do think he’s justified in wanting to keep it that way. Bioshock shouldn’t be something you just get up and walk away from. The game was creepy, a film should leave everyone a nervous wreck.

The thing is as a fan of the series I have an inherent desire to see a film version because as a rather naive individual I keep thinking that a movie version of the game would just be absolutely awesome in every way. It’s the same with every franchise I’m a fan of. I’d absolutely love to see the Assassin’s Creed movie or the Halo movie see the light of day.

But in doing so I tend to overlook the fact that film versions of games have, so far, never been good (as far as I am aware). When transferring things from games or books to films then changes have to be made to make the film watchable and to make it sell to the general public (not just the fans of the series). These changes then tend to irritate fans who think the game/book is perfect as it was. That said, if the film stuck to the game or the book in question completely faithfully it might become hard to follow or watch at all. And then even if they manage to get the right balance of Hollywood and “sticking-to-the-original” it still just might not be a good film.

I tend towards the optimistic end of the scale when people mention these new films of games, but at the same time I also prepare myself for the worst. I’d love a Bioshock movie to be released, but with the chances of it living up to people’s expectations being so low is it actually worth it?

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