The Neptune’s Pride Diary of His Royal Highness, Emperor of the Ileryu (a.k.a. Sabor117) – Parts 4 to 8

Click here for Parts 1 to 3 and for Elephant_God’s account of the early game

His Royal Highness, Emperor of the Ileryu – Journal Entry 4


Log Starts – What are they doing? I simply do NOT understand it. The Green has built up an army capable of smashing my Empire into pieces and assembled it right on my border. And then they stopped doing anything.

The Reds are pushing into the Yellow Empire slowly but inexorably, as he and I did with the Teal. Speaking of Teal, I ought to say how that is going.

Teal marshalled his last fleet on one of his last four planets. The only one within reach to me and Yellow. I had recalled all my strongest fleets to my border with Green and so only had one weak one. Yellow had a stronger one but it possibly wouldn’t have been able to win the fight as Teal had a reasonable amount of ships in his fleet.

So in an act of honour of our alliance the Ileryu Empire Star Ship (IESS) Maelstrom conducted a suicide run of the Teal defences, undermining them. The Yellow then crushed the fleet and is now pushing up into what is left of Teal. And what IS left of Teal is two planets with (according to the score board) 20 ships between them. He also has no more means of getting money, so even if we leave him there he can’t do anything. He can only sit and wait for Yellow to finish him off. Excellent.

Sacrifice of the Maelstrom

But Green and Red… Like I previously said, the Blue Empire is probably our only hope here but despite friendly communications before my last log, he has gone completely silent. I don’t think he’s helping Yellow in any way whatsoever and hasn’t attacked Green. I suspect he may have been playing off our need by trying to get us to send him weapons tech and then he would help the Red and Green. Of course this would not be smart at all, he would simply aid the two strongest players in removing the only chance of winning he has himself.

It irks me not end that I have no means of reaching the Red and so must watch as he slowly wears down the Yellow defence. Worse I have to sit here in my planets staring at Green and hope he makes the first move. Perhaps with Blue aid we could beat Green, but if I attack on my own I lose the only advantage I have at the moment: the +1 defensive bonus. If he had the bonus I fear I would simply be obliterated rather than put up any sort of fight…

I think what might happen now is that Red will push through Yellow, me not able to do anything to help and then he and Green will kill me.

God but we need Blue to act SOON!

I have composed another theory of what he might be doing, he might hope that me and Yellow are strong enough that we can damage the Red and Green, and while they are weak he might launch an all out assault on them both.

I simply hate sitting here doing NOTHING!

Log Ends

His Royal Highness, Emperor of the Ileryu – Journal Entry 5


Log Starts – I’m going to break character of roleplaying the Emperor of the Ileryu for a moment here in order to talk a bit more freely about the game.

I had a plan to break the sitting and waiting. I would keep a strong defensive force to the South to prevent any attack from the Greens and I would build a second force with whatever other ships I have and use my few planets that are inside Yellow’s territory as a base from which to launch attacks on the Red. I would be able to do this with the new upgraded range tech we now possessed. Yellow also suggested that I push through some of his resourceless and useless planets in my counter attack.

And I’m going to continue with this plan to whatever end. Only now something new has occurred.

Both Green and Blue have pretty much simultaneously been put under AI command. Now they could have left for various reasons but I am inclined to believe they simply got bored and have left us… And if that is true then I’m pretty fucking pissed off about it. I really do not like it when people leave games. Due to my long days playing Warcraft 3, Frozen Throne on the original I learnt to despise so-called “Leavers” and now two people have left out of either boredom or simply because they thought they’d lost.

And now I find myself at a loss… The only thing of the AI I know is that I’ve heard some people mention it being very aggressive. But is that true? According to Yellow, Orange have been AI since about the start and they haven’t moved once. So are the AI simply there to make the ships keep churning out? And if they do turn out to be aggressive, will their attacks be intelligent or will they be dumb as shit and batter themselves senseless on my defence…

All I know now is that with the majority of my forces moving, finally to try and halt the Red I feel very uneasy leaving Green, Orange and Blue to their own devices. Perhaps in this case it is the lesser of two evils.

With the campaign on Red, I’ve managed what Yellow did not. I’ve rebuilt. I’ve got ships and fleets and science and production AND money. Plus, somehow, Yellow has still got around 400 ships of his own. Coupled with my 730 ships we outnumber the Reds 800 ships. And we have equal tech. Perhaps we can halt him yet. And if we halt him, we can counter-attack, and if that happens we can take him!

Now comes the leap of faith that Green and Blue don’t do anything ever again, and if they do it’s something retarded.

I will say now though, their removal from the game removes one of the games biggest and best components: the diplomacy of it all. I think I ought to have harsh words if those two decide to come crawling back…

Log Ends

His Royal Highness, Emperor of the Ileryu – Journal Entry 6


Log Starts – Whoever it was who said “There are no winners in war” clearly never met the Red Empire in my galaxy…

War was originally a means to an end. Me and Yellow planned and then obliterated Teal. And Teal is now eradicated from the game. Completely. There were no true winners from that fight as the sudden weakness of both me and Yellow left us vulnerable and lead to the events which are occurring now. It’s worth saying right now though. War is hell when you are winning. It’s doubly so when you are losing.

It was my firm belief that the AIs that control the Orange, Green AND Blue Empires would be hyper aggressive and foolish. Launching all out attacks on everything and everyone. This is quite simply not true. It appears that by going under the AI administration what happens to the Empires is… Nothing… They sit there and do nothing what-so-ever… So I’ve changed tack and have moved all of my ships away from the border with Green and am throwing everything I have left into this war with Red.

At first I believed that we might have some chance, however small, of beating back the Red. It’s a two on one! Two is better than one… right? Well apparently in this case, it’s simply not good enough. Red has an economy that is simply unbelievable. This means every turn he gets money to get more science, production, fleets and MORE economy than both me and Yellow. Combined, we JUST about match him in some areas. But not production. He has over 150 production right now, which is simply unbelievable. I’ve fought a few major battles with him already and taken out around 300 of his ships (with him dealing a slightly higher amount of casualties to me). He got that back in two days… TWO bloody days! Our only advantage right now is that with two people we can research two things at once. I pour all my science into new Weapons tech (as does Red), but Yellow can also supply us with range, scanning and speed. But in a straight fight these don’t provide all that much of an advantage…

We tried to attack and fight back, but his current strength and apparent calculating mind means he always moves just enough ships to intercept ours which gives him the initiative AND defender’s bonus. And we can’t afford that as we are already weaker than him. So we’re going to let him attack us and therefore gain the initiative and defender’s bonuses ourselves. However, with so much production he can AFFORD to throw ships away against us because he’ll get them back faster than we can destroy them. It’s a lose/lose situation.

I have sent a desperate communiqué to the Emperor of the Blues, hoping that he will see it inside his underground bunker. I hope that he will be able to get access to his launch codes long enough to launch every single ship he has at Red, before he again retreats underground to hide. However, I very much fear it’s a desperate and futile hope.

I have considered launching a separate attack at the weaker Green planets in order to gain more production and science and I am in the process of discussing it with Yellow. But that might weaken me for long enough for Red to push through the defensive line quicker… Although to be fair, right now it’s already simply a matter of days I think before we fail completely.

A last thing that is worth mentioning… Red has reached out to me asking if I want to join him in attacking Yellow. Naturally I gave him a casual “jog-on” with much speech making about “Fighting till the death!” and “We will never surrender!” And you know, I reckon I will stick with it. Me and Yellow can, together put up a fight that we would never manage individually. But, as the game wears on and time starts to drag where once before it sped, I have to say I can see the benefits from attacking the Yellows if only to end the game quicker.

But no… That would be wrong… It is simply the boredom talking… We WILL fight until our last breaths… And that… is that!

Log Ends

His Royal Highness, Emperor of the Ileryu – Journal Entry 7


Log Starts – Damn my human frailty. Red sent me another message. Placating and encouraging. He is impressed by my honour and I am clearly both a worthy foe and ally. He offered me second place if I join him in the attack on the Yellows.

I’m certain he won’t have made the same request to the Yellows themselves because they are right in his path to victory.

I haven’t responded. Honestly I’m going to keep fighting the good fight against Red. The idea of betraying Yellow, someone with whom I’ve been allied with since the start and someone who trusts me as much as I trust them, makes me a little sick to the stomach. I couldn’t do it.

The only problem is, at this stage saying “no” means a long and slow but inevitable doom at the hands of the Red Empire. And while I would technically come second (Leavers lose by default surely) I don’t think I’d be the second last Empire standing.

I could, theoretically come out of this a vassal Empire. Subservient to Red, but alive. And it would result in a game which finishes quicker. So do I stab my ally in the back, as the game itself is all about the back-stabbing and fight with the almighty Red to conquer the Galaxy. Or do I continue to fight on and eventually go out in a blaze of Glory.

Like I said, I feel I can only choose the latter. To choose the former would both go against my character and be quite simply morally wrong.

And so I resign myself to waiting. Each fight doing more damage to me than to the enemy.

The humans of Lorderean against the Undead Scourge. The humans of the UNSC against the Covenant. The humans of Sera against the Locust. I feel a great deal in common with their plight right now. Only there is no bright light at the end of this tunnel. No hero to save us.

Be attacked, retreat and leave a ship, counter-attack. Lose more men and ships. Watch as, despite winning the battle the Red simply shakes it off and comes again with a bigger fleet… War is hell…

Log Ends

His Royal Highness, Emperor of the Ileryu – Journal Entry 8


Log Starts – What a bloody ignoble way to end a game! Bastard! Rather than finish off Yellow, Red made good on his promise to focus all his energy on me!

Instead of taking out the remainder of Yellow’s Empire, red simply cut through it and focused all his massive armies on me.

This pushed me into a very paltry third place where I should have been second… I’m not going to lie actually, technically both the Blues and the Greens are far bigger and stronger still than both me and Yellow but I think that going AI defaults any chance of victory or any of the spoils or glory of being a runner up. So I personally believe myself to be in third.

And Yellow does deserve that second place, just as much as I do. But, god, does it gall me that I didn’t get it…

The end of the game was actually even worse and more anti-climatic than the build up to the inevitable finish. Because you see, I got distracted.

The couple of days after my last diary entry were full of moving ships into position and retreating and repositioning in order to slow down Red’s advance. And slow it down we did. But then a wild distraction appeared and it was super-effective.

I didn’t log into the game for about two whole days. I went online on Thursday the 2nd of Febuary, long enough to do the days repositioning and guerilla warfare and then I logged off, for the last time. I missed both Friday and Saturday and when I remembered to log in today, Sunday, I discovered that in the early hours of the morning the last traces of my defence had been obliterated. My edges worlds taken, my inner worlds taken, even my core worlds and home planet now under control by the mighty Red. Perhaps it was fitting that the final world to be taken was my home planet.

Now the Ileryu Empire is but space dust, floating aimlessly through the void. Our remaining planets, along with those of the Yellow simply give up. We both become a slave caste inside the great and glorious Red Empire, although that is preferable to the fate of the other Empires. The Teal and Purple are extinct and the Green and Blue, despite appearing strong are in the midst of a terrible civil war with their computers and machinery. There will be no life for them beyond this. So we now are alive, a terrible pitiful form of life compared with our Masters and betters. But alive we remain…

Where the Last Stand took place

Log Ends – His Grace the Emperor of Ileryu passed away in the final minutes of the defence of our homeworld Praecipua at 2:15am Space time. He died as he lived, bravely and without much thought for the consequences of his actions…

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