The Space Bears Neptune’s Pride 2 diary – Days 13 to 18 – Darkness Rises

Fall of Reach

A close friend of mine became rather addicted to Neptune’s Pride 2: Triton in the early months of this year, after I introduced it to him. Part of his addiction has led to the playing of many games, far more than I’ve ever played, and in his time he even managed to secure a place in the group stages of the Neptune’s Pride 2 World Championship back in July (3 games of 6 people). Due to the importance of the game to himself and to the community of Neptune’s Pride, I persuaded Sam to keep a log of the major events and he went a step further to keep a detailed and entertaining diary. I will post the diary in short segments for you reading pleasure! Here are the previous entries: Days 1-3Days 4-7Days 8-11, Days 12-14.

Day 15

This was the darkest day to befall the bears yet.

No sooner had we started to suspect that the reason for Lord Boru’s reluctance to attack was fear of Fox, than a massive Green host was launched at the Diamond. At the same time, the mighty Lord Kfix reported 600 Cyan ships making for his stars. This looks like the beginning of the end.

Val Habhabora was the first to fall. A fleet was bravely evacuated from it before the battle, to save The Gorgornahath, and as they looked up into the Habhaborean night sky for the final time, they gazed upon Val Ursii twinkling in the distance, knowing that they would never again see that jewel again.

The reinforcements were enough to save The Gorgornahath from the first wave, but not the second. It too fell to the Green army in an anguish of fire and death. The council fell silent at the thought of all those peaceful Space Bears being massacred. How has it come to this?

In the South, a few Red stars turned Cyan, and a despondent Lord Kfix reported that the star Kfix, cradle of the Kfixirri civilization, would soon fall to Kirk’s blue army. This time there can be no squadron of fighter bears to thwart Kirk – we are going down together.

So, two stars of the diamond have been taken, with the bulk of the central ships. The remaining two stars are poorly garrisoned, but there will be no reinforcements to the Diamond. From here on, all ships will be put to the defence of the home stars, with the occasional reinforcement of the still eerily quiet Slug front in the North.



Day 16

Lord Boru consolidated his hold on his Diamond stars (Val Habhabora and The Gorgornahath, no matter what disgraceful names the swine has hung on them now), and the supreme council of the space bears has decided, regretfully, that the remaining two cannot be held. There will be no reinforcements, and the bulk of the still sizable Bear army will defend a new line at AlGiedi.


Mid way through the space day, we received 400 space dollars from Lord Kfix, and a message. He reported that his front had been overwhelmed by the combined armies of the Fox and Kirk, and that his home star of Kfix was about to fall. It was only at this moment that it truly became apparent that this war is lost. With a fighting ally at our backs we could almost pretend that the war was still winnable, no matter how many stars Boru took. But now, with the Kfixirri being put to death, the future seems dark.

He did say however, that he had managed to get a fleet across the void to the undefended Blue central stars, and that he would be able to briefly take Kirk’s home star. It amused us both to think of the economic destruction that the Kfixirri could inflict on Kirk in their death throes.

The last of the unclaimed stars nearby fell today – Sadalbari, resources: 4. Truly the space gods have answered our prayers with that little gem…

The galaxy at the end of day 16…



Day 17

The awful fury of the slugs descended on the Northern bears today, as two terrible hosts attacked. The recently acquired Slug Juice Star was snatched, as was the mighty star of Alioth. There were so many of them… Many bears were killed, but I fear the survivors of the initial attack would envy the dead, considering what the slugs are said to do to those bears they find alive…

The once mighty and bountiful Kfixxi empire was thoroughly trashed by the Blue alliance, with many stars falling before the invaders. From what we can tell though, the Red army is fighting to the last – retaking the occasional star and wreaking havoc in the Blue hinterland. I fear the Bears will be required to carry out a similar grim duty all too soon…

Boru’s army of sniveling cowards launched at AlGiedi when its fleet was evacuated, but the attack will fail. 700 defender bears are moving back to hold the line, and are set to wipe out this wave. The next wave, whenever it comes, might succeed. Though maybe it will never come – Boru must be getting nervous about the rise of Cyan and Yellow around him – maybe he will move to the defensive once he loses 600 ships in a few hours. Not that it will make much difference of course…



Day 18

Early on in the cycle, the Fox reopened communications with us. Seems he wanted to move closer together now the Kfixirri were on the way out, and wanted to trade. Loyalty to our vanquished allies is one thing, but we won’t help the disintegrating Red Army now by spitting in Fox’s face. We agreed, and traded some tech, while he dropped hints about turning to strike at Boru. If only this had come just a few days earlier…

The slug army really came out in force now – it must have been raining recently or something. Defence was impossible, and multiple stars fell. When it became clear that there were more Yellow ships attacking than we had in our entire arsenal, we simply abandoned the stars and fell back to the home world.


Alas, what harm did we ever do these terrible monsters? We only wanted to live in peace with them…


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