Neptune’s Pride 2 Journal (Part 2 of 4) – Optimistic Tidings

Plant ColonizationEarly in 2013 me and my friends played a closed game of Neptune’s Pride 2: Triton, before even the glorious saga that was the war of the Space Bears. During the surprisingly brief, two-week-long game, I once again kept a journal of the exploits of my Empire in a rise and fall of epic proportions. Despite it now being two years later, I kept all my materials and have finally decided that the time is ripe to post the story. This journal log is part two of four, but you can read the previous entry here.


Emperor of Eleryo, His Royal Highness Snekenj the Magnificent- Journal Log 2

Stardate: 21/04/20013 (Galactic Cycle 3-5)

The colonisation phase of Galactic expansion is over. Now we and every other species in this local cluster are pressed right up against each other and so must be prepared to fight or die in a ruthless battle for supremacy. It has become immediately obvious that our High Council have not got the right cut-throat attitude for this Game of Stars, but we must find the necessary steel in our hearts in order to come out first.

We presently lead the Cluster in terms of numbers of colonies whereas both orange Docco and green Herb have, worryingly so, stronger economies. Purple Ford and pink Jamroll are a long way behind every other civilisation due to inactivity at various stages so far. The fact that Ford are so far behind me makes me a little more comfortable in my position, the fact that Jamroll (the Empire which should be trying to challenge the incredibly strong Docco) are even weaker is less pleasing though. We have went ahead with our tech trading with dark blue Ali, which has given us less of an advantage than we would have liked due to Tim and Docco also trading. Those cowardly swine… Trading technology when we had not taken it into account… How dare they?!

Wicked and tricksy those Oranges and Greens... Who could have imagined they would have the same plan as us!
Wicked and tricksy those Oranges and Greens… Who could have imagined they would have the same plan as us!

Our plans changed dramatically fairly early on during the second cycle from crushing the Purples to turning the majority of our attention towards Kendo. During the colonisation phase the Captain of the Tor-1 Supercarrier launched his ships towards the system of Lanx and unfortunately the Yellow scum beat him to it. Fortunately for us the Destroyers of our Fleet obliterated the enemy and indeed went on to secure both Lanx and the neighbouring system of Samakah, solidifying our front against the Yellow.

Lanx skirmish
We hold them here.

While this did give us a solid border against the uncivilized and, frankly erratic, yellow Kendo, it appears it has earned us his enmity. We attempted to placate him with words and some of those very fine females sent to us from the Jamrollians. Instead he ignored attempts at truce and instead seems to have, for SOME reason, taken offence and began to direct the attentions of his ships at us.

The downside of this is that Ali has been less than useful during our supposed allied war against Kendo, launching no attacks and is instead holding his position whilst trying to negotiate with CJ for more assistance. It would appear that his useless race are not only disappointing scientists (their scientific journals were riddled with spelling errors) but seem to want others to fight their wars for them. Were we not allies we would be most displeased with the progress of his people.

Without solid assistance from Ali, what followed was a number of smaller skirmishes between our peoples and the Kendorian swine. The Thuban system changed hands twice, with us crushing the briefly occupying forces mercilessly. Since then we have created a solid defensive line against Kendo which he has thrown fleet after fleet at with no victory. There was even a particularly amusing time when he launched a fleet at an undefended star and with no reinforcements in the vicinity we believed it lost. However, due to a wise placement of infrastructure, the colonists managed to hastily assemble one Destroyer class vessel and this was sufficient to blow the encroaching yellows from the skies barely moments after they left hyperspace. Other than his initial (and BRIEF) gain of Thuban it is safe to declare ourselves the victor of this early war.

War with Kendo
The assault on Sadr arrived several hours after the first Destroyer was built.

This period of confidence was shattered when the Herbians dread fleets took three of teal CJ’s systems. While this could have been unprovoked aggression, we believe that CJ let Tim take these systems after being threatened, the coward and fool! Indeed the purpose of Tim’s attack was not to take out CJ but instead his Supercarrier made a beeline for my nearest system.

NP2 screen planethopping
The CJ peoples had to fall back to their inner worlds, forming a secondary defensive line following their loses.

Fortunately, we had planned for this and our orbital defence cannons obliterated the incoming Dread Fleet. That was not all, oooh no… Can you believe he had the GALL to suggest that our brave and victorious defenders pull back and defend a further back border?

We sent Tim his Admiral’s head on a spike, on a plate, on fire. Similarly we sent our own Admiral a whole battalion of the whores of the homeworld (having since run out of those obtained from Jamroll as Kendo did not return them), he did well. It is not over though… It never is…

There will be no victory for the Greens here.
There will be no victory for the Greens here.

Tim has since threatened to attack CJ unless CJ attacks me too. And as well as this a further 76 ships are making a beeline for me (with the possibility of picking up another 10 along the way). I believe my reinforcements will arrive just under an hour before his fleet but it will be a close run thing. If we win this, Tim will have lost well over half his navy to our guns. If we fail… Well… It will be the first successful and lasting invasion of our territory. An unthinkable and terrifying consequence.

Luckily we appear to have made a solid friend of CJ, who must finally beginning to realise that letting Tim into his systems was a bad idea. He and Ali will strike at Kendo, taking out most of his systems with a single fleet from me to aid them along the way. Then he will hopefully move the majority of his forces to help me repel Tim. And meanwhile I am going to defend, consolidate and hopefully build up a fleet large enough to attack Ford.

That’s right, our plans have come full circle and we mean to have this corner of the cluster to ourselves!

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