MMGaming E3 Roundup


Wow. It really has been this long since we have posted on MMGaming! As much as we would love to post regularly, “real life” commitments meant that our time was focused on other things, such as Seb getting his 2:1 degree in molecular genetics (congrats bud!) and myself working hard on my PhD. However, if there is one event that brings us back on track in the gaming world it’s the one and only Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 noobs).

This year saw one of the most flashy and overproduced E3 events that I have ever seen. The xbox conference in particular was filled with bright flashing lights and lots of fanboy induced “ooing” and “aahing”. One must look past the shiny facade and look towards the meat of the conference, the games. The most important thing to remember about E3 press is that each game has been curated to provide maximum wow factor and more often than not these games do not quite represent the final product (as shown by Watch Dogs last year, which differed hugely from its E3 showcase particularly in a graphical sense). Anyway moving on to the games we thought looked most interesting!

Fallout 4

The rumor mill had been churning for Fallout 4’s E3 reveal a few months prior, so it was no surprise to see the fabled 4th game in the series have its own massive showcase during the Bethesda conference. Fallout 4 is bringing to the table a whole host of new features including crafting (500 modifications to weapons what?!), base building, a world that isn’t all grey/green and most importantly the ability to walk away from a conversation as its happening! Jokes aside the game looks fantastic. Fallout 3 was a fantastic game for its time and seeing Fallout 4 as an improved version, addressing many complaints of its predecessor has me super excited. RELEASE DATE: 10th NOVEMBER 2015

Star Wars Battlefront

Another game with a history. Star wars battlefront (the 2004 original) was a brilliant 3rd person action shooter war simulator. The sheer scale of the battles had you in awe and the feeling of slaughtering wave after wave of enemies was an experience matched by few other games. Judging from the fans response during the announcement of Star Wars Battlefront it is obvious that I wasn’t the only one who had a great time playing the original. This time the game is featuring a first person mode as well as the ability to play in 3rd person, beautiful environments showcasing many of the star wars worlds we know and love while keeping the core game similar to the original. The feeling that you are just a pawn in bigger chess game but that you can still make a difference. Keep in mind that this feeling may not translate as well when you have hoards of screaming children shouting at you down the microphone of a multiplayer game. Or when you get spawn camped at your last objective. Or when somebody unlocks a jedi/sith and runs through your whole team. However judging from the gameplay footage this one is something to keep an eye on! RELEASE DATE: 20th NOVEMBER 2015

Sea of Thieves

What is this sorcery?! New IP in the most interesting list? Well yes good sir/madam, the freshly announced windows 10 (and xbox one) exclusive Sea of Thieves has piped my interest. Pirates. I bloody love pirates, pirate themed things are brilliant, especially pirate parties with all the grog and rum and wenche… moving swiftly on. A multiplayer open world pirate simulator where you and your friends roam about on a pirate ship shooting other pirate ships, pillaging and pilfering before fighting some skeletons to get some booty? Can I hear a hell yeah? Sure we have no idea if its going to live up to the promises but I can’t resist getting sucked in to the idea of this one. RELEASE DATE: HOLIDAY 2016

Honourable Mentions (and thoughts)

Doom. Looks like a meaty shooter. Fun and brilliant graphics, a little concerned with melee kill animation, does that have to happen every time? Kind of jarring.

SOMA. Scary as balls. Not gonna touch it with a barge pole but wouldn’t mind watching Seb squeal like a piglet.

No Mans Sky. It still exists. It still promises so much. I get the feeling that the procedurally generated worlds could get rather boring after a while? Slight variations on flora and fauna is uninspiring.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I enjoyed the previous iteration and this one looks to improve on that formula! Looks beautiful (but doesn’t everything at E3)

Everything VR. VR is something I have never experienced but my golly gosh I want to. This year has been the year of VR reveals and promises, next year we will see if these promises hold true. Can’t wait!


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