Announcement: Halloween Charity Livestream

Tis the time of Halloween, everybody looking for a good scare!

This year, in the uncertain times of COVID, we are providing some of the scares… Or at least entertainment in the form of reaction to the scares.

Tim, who is notoriously a huge wimp when it comes to horror games and cane barely last a few minutes, let alone hours, will be live streaming on Twitch tomorrow to raise money for charity and hopefully entertain us a little along the way.

For more information check out the JustGiving here (and please do consider donating, with the charity of choice being Bowel Cancer UK):

And his Twitch is here (he will be live from 7pm to late GMT):

UPDATE (05/11/2020): Thank you so much to everyone who attended the stream and donated. We’re a tiny channel and even smaller website, so the support Tim got from friends and family was pretty heart-warming. Plus he successfully raised £350 for Bowel Cancer!

Overall, a great success!

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