Jade Empire Retrospectacle – MAI HONOURS!

It’s funny the things that the brain remembers given the correct prompting. Prior to my recent playthrough of the game I only remembered three things about Jade Empire, an RPG by Bioware released way back in 2005 (before Bioware was known for Bioware RPGs). I, even then, remembered hearing literally nothing about it prior to getting it […]

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Hey folks! You may be wondering why things have been slowing down of late in regards to reviews/news and other shenanigans and I just want to inform ya’ll to our plans. While we have been receiving steady viewership (thanks guys!) we are looking to overhaul the site into something more consistent and high quality. With that in mind […]

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Prelude of the Chambered

Ludum Dare: A competition that sees hundreds of game enthusiasts, from hobbyists to professional game developers and everywhere inbetween, get together for a weekend to create…you guessed it… games. This year the theme was ‘escape’, so the 48 hours between the 19th and the 22nd of August saw hundreds of game makers metaphorically battle it […]

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Classic : Majesty

“Your Majesty! Your marketplace now serves you better!”                       Majesty: A Fantasy Kingdom Sim Majesty is a real time strategy game developed by Cyberlore Studios. Don’t let the release date of being in the mighty year 2000 put you off. This game is a classic. Why? Well because you can’t control your units.

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