Video Mondaily – A Double Dose of Fear… And Some RTS!

Technically two of today’s videos are actually of horror games and so the whole “Double Dose of Fear” title does make perfect sense. Of course, it could be a little misleading in that neither of the games we were playing was actually FEAR and actually in the game Tim was playing he doesn’t really get scared… Much…

Anyway! As we’ve had a sudden outpouring of videos in the last week you can enjoy three new MMGaming videos today! First up we’ve got my second attempt at playing the indie horror game Slender from Parsec Productions. Due to the absolute failure of my first try I decided to give the game another bash. What happened though you will only discover after the jump!

The other two videos come via Tim! First we have the start of a new series (because he’s being having some trouble with Amnesia lately which has been constantly crashing…) in which he’s going to be playing the oldie but goodie, developed by Headfirst Productions: Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth! While the first episode is a little slow, it looks like it could be an amusing series and I’d definitely suggest catching it right here and now!

His other video is of an even older game and is a first impressions of Dune 2 from Westwood Studios (the same company who are world famous for developing the original Command & Conquer games). Dune 2 is considered to be amongst the first proper RTSes and so watching Tim play is like watching the history of video games! It actually looks quite fun too!

Anyway, sit back and enjoy MMGaming’s trio of Video Mondailys!

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