Video Mondaily – Rise and shine MMGamers… Rise… And shine…

Because last week I uploaded the final episode of our Amnesia series I suddenly found myself at a loss of what to record next. I had initially been considering continuing my playthrough of indie horror Anna but if you have read the review you will know that I was less than impressed with the game and even after saying that I just wanted to finish the damn thing, I gave up because I simply did not want to play any more.

So I am here to announce MMGaming’s current plans for videos in the next short while. We have got a few ideas for multiplayer videos including Borderlands 2, Guild Wars 2 and a horror beta of Survivors. As well as this we might be seeing some more Call of Cthulhu and FTL from Tim. I also have a few plans including perhaps some Amnesia custom stories or other horror game mods. Todat however I wish to welcome you to the start of something completely different! Check it out after the jump!

Some of you may have heard of the total conversion mod for Half Life 2 which has been put together by a group of dedicated fans and recreates the original Half Life in brand new and awesome form. Having never played the original I jumped at the chance to check this out and see the origins of one of my favourite video game series and characters. So welcome to the start of my new series where I will be playing through the mod: Black Mesa. You can probably expect fails and deaths and general Sebishness but I imagine it will be great fun! So please, check out the video here and if you enjoy it consider heading over to the channel to subscribe, we’d really appreciate it as we appreciate any comments you might have!

Seb out!

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