The Humble Bundle 5, Limbo!

The video is now up! Watch it at the bottom of this post! Well then, the Humble Indie Bundle has been and gone yet again… What has it blessed us with this time around? Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Limbo, Psychonauts and Superbrother: Sword & Sworcery EP. I was mainly relying on the video I had […]

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Hey folks! You may be wondering why things have been slowing down of late in regards to reviews/news and other shenanigans and I just want to inform ya’ll to our plans. While we have been receiving steady viewership (thanks guys!) we are looking to overhaul the site into something more consistent and high quality. With that in mind […]

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Discuss Skyrim

I am assuming we all have this absolutely brilliant game and have played it a good while now, so tell me.. Who are you? What level are you? What are your grand aspirations? What have you achieved?

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Brazil! Mmmm

Basking in the warm sun, surrounded by beautiful palm trees and a shimmering pool I write to you MMGamers. In Brazil, how committed am I. I will actually try and write a few articles in between the studying for my missed biotechnology, microbiology and immunology lectures. Oh and the rafting and snorkelling and generally touristy […]

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Minecraft Adventure Update News

So this news is slightly belated, but I’ll be more on the ball with minecraft stuff if possible. Yesterday some footage of Notch playing the new minecraft update at PAX gaming convention was released. As can be seen in the video, the update features a fully functioning version of the classic mode which is available […]

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