Mass Effect 3 Official Launch Trailer

Bioware have released the official launch trailer for Mass Effect 3. It’s a couple of minutes of emotion-draining and courage-inducing awesome. Everything about it makes you want to be part of the Universe that Bioware have managed to create. And more than that, they’ve made me (somehow) even more excited and desperate to get this […]

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It’s a very Steamy Christmas

Huh?! Did you see what I did there?! Hmm?!? *cough* Anyway yeah, just a little news post to remind you all that as it’s Christmas now is the time that companies like to try and make us buy stuff even more by making stuff cheaper! Oo-rah!

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I’m going to be honest. The lack of news-worthy news is beginning to make me a little desperate. Here’s me trying to get across good gaming news to you folks and I really have nothing to show for it. Nothing except more gaming related Youtube videos full of awesome.

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