It’s a very Steamy Christmas

Huh?! Did you see what I did there?! Hmm?!?


Anyway yeah, just a little news post to remind you all that as it’s Christmas now is the time that companies like to try and make us buy stuff even more by making stuff cheaper! Oo-rah!

Steam is having an absolutely massive Christmas sale which is WELL worth checking out for any games you would like to try out or if there’s a gamer in your life who you need a present for. Some of the deals are absolutely insane, I mean I just saw Portal 2 for £4.99!

Just five measly pounds for a game like Portal 2! That’s pretty fucking unbelievable!

It’s worth pointing out that also has a massive video game sale on right now which might well be worth a look in on!

I would like to mention while I am on the subject of money though… Modern Warfare 3 on Steam is only now going below £40. I meant to say a while back about how in pretty much all shops it was £45 or so, an extra £5 more than pretty much all new video games. And I also meant to say that this pissed me off something awful… I have mentioned before of Tim’s belief that the big Video Game companies are all evil and money-sucking vampires and about my naive refusal to accept this. But the price of MW3 combined with Activision’s support for SOPA actually leaves me VERY willing to believe in them being evil and having sold their souls…

There’s some extra nice Christmas spirit for you!

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