Mass Effect 3 Official Launch Trailer

Bioware have released the official launch trailer for Mass Effect 3. It’s a couple of minutes of emotion-draining and courage-inducing awesome. Everything about it makes you want to be part of the Universe that Bioware have managed to create. And more than that, they’ve made me (somehow) even more excited and desperate to get this game. Check it out after the jump folks!

Mass Effect isn’t just a game… it’s a way of life… And you can join into that way of life on the 6th in North America and the 9th in Europe.


I want to be serious for a moment. Have you ever watched a trailer or a video of anything and felt shivers up your spine and goosebumps on the back of your neck? That moment when you watch something that has managed to put together exactly the right blend of music, visuals and awesome to set your pulse racing and take your mind elsewhere, beyond our world.

Not many things manage it, games or films. While Skyrim itself easily manages it, it’s trailers never really hit that sweet spot. Examples that spring to mind include The Hobbit trailer, the Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood trailer and King Theoden’s speech in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Little bits of video that fill you with emotion and make you wish you were a part of this.True other game trailers (like the Skyrim trailer and Borderlands 2 trailer) are memorable and absolutely awesome but they don’t have that emotion behind it…

Allow me to say… For me, this trailer managed it… Perhaps even as much as the cinematic trailer last week. I realise I’m saying a lot about it, but I feel that sometimes when something strikes you the way this struck me, you just have to talk about it. To do otherwise would be ridiculous!

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