Catch-Up News – Catching up from a time long since past…

I have no excuses of any real merit as to why I have not posted any News for the last two months and a half. Minus a week that I spent on Holiday without internet and the few days it took to move into my new student flat I really could have been posting Endweek News without any real issues.

Seeing as it has actually been over a month since I last posted any form of News the prospect of posting EVERY piece of interesting News during that time makes me go pale with terror. I’ve posted long News posts before BUT I would very much rather avoid having to write out 10,000 words which, let’s be honest here, few people would ever struggle through (no matter how interesting the content). Instead, I did have a few tidbits I had collected with the intention of posting (but never got round to it) from in between our last post (on the 6th) and the present.

Hopefully the interest level here will make up for the fact that most of them come really rather late…

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Endweek News – Release Date City, Colour Me Intrigued and Videos

Release Date City

Just one release date for you this week. Developers Ronimo Games have announced that sometime in the next month the successful MOBA, fresh from XBLA and PSN, Awesomenauts will be getting a PC release version on Steam. There is not definite release date yet, but saying “this month” is close enough in my estimation.

Also for those of you who own a Mac there is actually a Mac version in progress as well, so you’ll actually be able to try this one!

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Halo 4 – First Look

343 Industries have released the first batch of gameplay footage and information about Halo 4 the upcoming Halo series featuring the triumphant return of the Master Chief.

And guess what Halo fans! That’s not all that will be returning triumphantly! No sir-ee. It would appear that, despite my approval for the DMR (the replacement for the Battle-Rifle in Halo: Reach),  343 Industries have listened to enough complaints and whinging by fans and have put the Battle-Rifle back into Halo 4. So we can expect to, once again, hear that “brakka-brakka” sound that inevitably leads to having your head peppered with a trio of bullets. Which also in turn leads to a bout of swearing and yelling “HOW THE FUCK DID HE DO THAT?!?”

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Warface Trailers and New Screenshots

While perhaps not as innovative as Binary Domain (see the previous post) Crytek’s shooter Warface which has been in development for some time now does look really, REALLY good. Plus, this is going to be a free-to-play online game rather than a story based, squad-based shooter. I think with this in the works and it looking so damn good Modern Warfare 3 ought to go into a corner somewhere and quietly eat it’s heart out…

Anyway you should definitely check after the jump for some brand new screenshots of the game and for a snippet of the Alpha gameplay footage. Which actually looks astounding as well despite the footage having been made in 2010! I think Battlefield 3 might have to go eat it’s heart in a corner as well…

Trust me, it does look THAT awesome…

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