Bioshock Infinite Gameplay!

We are slowly drawing ever nearer to the release of Bioshock Infinite. The third game in the epic series by Irrational Games. The news I have for you here isn’t exactly new but I figured it was worth making a post about it.

After seeing this article and this video on Rock, Paper, Shotgun I decided to snoop around the interwebs for any other gameplay videos of Bioshock Infinite. Preferably ones that weren’t in Japanese. And as luck would have it, I struck gold!

Now believe me when I say this, I do this solely for you readers. I didn’t watch beyond the first minute of the gameplay because I didn’t want to ruin 15 minutes of gameplay which I want to experience for the first time when I actually play the game. And believe me, I’m getting this game! I love Bioshock and Infinite is looking absolutely fabulous! So anyway, here is the video on the official Bioshock Infinite website, or you can check it out below!

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