Halo 4 – First Look

343 Industries have released the first batch of gameplay footage and information about Halo 4 the upcoming Halo series featuring the triumphant return of the Master Chief.

And guess what Halo fans! That’s not all that will be returning triumphantly! No sir-ee. It would appear that, despite my approval for the DMR (the replacement for the Battle-Rifle in Halo: Reach),  343 Industries have listened to enough complaints and whinging by fans and have put the Battle-Rifle back into Halo 4. So we can expect to, once again, hear that “brakka-brakka” sound that inevitably leads to having your head peppered with a trio of bullets. Which also in turn leads to a bout of swearing and yelling “HOW THE FUCK DID HE DO THAT?!?”

Anyway,  amongst the tidbits of information doled out by 343 is the reintroduction of the BR, two new maps for mutliplayer, the fact that there will be a perk system of some description for multiplayer and some new information about the MC himself.

The one thing that crops up again and again, in different forms, from director Frank O’Connor is that they want Halo 4 to continue Bungie’s legacy. Basically they want it to feel like and look like and act like a Halo game. One which we can sink into in bliss and and once again send aliens to whatever they call hell. Alongside that though, the want to add their own touch to the game. They want to make better in just about every way and they want to make sure that, while it will still be a Halo game, it still feels fresh and new to anyone whos plays it. Not some continuous churning out of the same game.

For example, as far as I understand, now by changing aspects of your multiplayer Spartan’s appearance you also change the way he plays. Plus there is now a series of rewards and perks in place. 343 insist though that this is not them following Call of Duty. And while, if we’re being honest, it sort of is, the fact that he O’Conner says he wants it to be different and innovative and taking the system in a new direction suggest good things to me.

One thing in particular, that I didn’t make a post about when they announced it, which sounds particularly cool about Halo 4 is that they wanted Master Chief to feel more SUPER. He will feel weightier and tougher and basically more bad-ass as you lumber around the battlefield in your MJOLNIR armour. And if they can pull that off, while still keeping the mobility and speed that is essential for any Spartan, then I think we might be in for something very special.

One last thing I want to mention. Supposedly the look of the game will be much improved as well. With much more art-work going into the game than any previous Halo and a jump up in graphics, as well as feeling special it might look pretty special too.

Ambitious hopes if you ask me, let’s hope they pull it off.

All in all, I’m not describing it very well. For more depth you might want to check out the first-hand articles from Eurogamer about: Halo 4 overall and the Perk System.

As well as that though, you should check out this video with the gameplay footage and first hand accounts about Halo 4:

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