The MMGaming Awards

A great many games have won awards over the past month as 2011 draws to a close. But now it is the moment they have surely all been waiting for. The moment for the most prestigious awards ever created in the world of video games… Yes dear friends… I am talking of The MMGaming Awards! […]

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Humble Introversion Bundle

It’s around that time old chaps… A new Humble Bundle is on the market with some interesting sounding games. We at MMGaming would just like to remind you of our continuing support for the Humble Bundle and approval for what it does. I just bought this particular Bundle myself and have yet to try out any of the games, […]

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Told you so…

I told you they would add more to the latest Humble Bundle! I bleeding told you! But has anyone actually heeded my advice yet? I will go ahead and assume not. They have however now added another TWO games to the latest Bundle: SpaceChem and Trauma.

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