Humble Introversion Bundle

It’s around that time old chaps… A new Humble Bundle is on the market with some interesting sounding games. We at MMGaming would just like to remind you of our continuing support for the Humble Bundle and approval for what it does.

I just bought this particular Bundle myself and have yet to try out any of the games, but even if I don’t play them all that much, it’s always nice to know I have some awesome indie games to fall back on when I’m bored.

I also want to remind you that you can pay WHATEVER you want to get a Bundle and, while I would recommend you pay more that $0.01 so that you support the developers and the Humble Bundle itself, I don’t think you can get better deals these days when it comes to games.

You can buy the Bundle at the official Humble Bundle site over the next 14 or so days. I might review some of the games, I might not… depends on my ability to work up some motivation. Also check out the trailer for the various games here:

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