Ghost of a Tale review – Sleekit, cowrin, tim’rous beastie

At some point when the Earth was new and God was a boy, all the way back in late 2016 when the idea of a global pandemic was a subject for the history books as something that only happened after world wars and would never ever happen again, I did an Early Access video review […]

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War of Human Tanks – Preview

Fear not readers of MMGaming! Seb and Tim are back and we are ready to once again jump right back into our duties, and we promise they’ll be just as slow and haphazard as always… That’s just our style! Anyway this Friday’s review comes in the form of a Preview video Tim recorded a couple of weeks […]

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Our Thoughts On: Symphony

On Monday of this week developer Empty Clip Studios published the casual indie game Symphony. The game is similar in a way to Audiosurf in that the game is based around importing your own music from your computer into the game and then playing the game along with that music. It’s a simple enough premise […]

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Our Thoughts On: Stacking

Stacking, a puzzle/adventure game developed by Double Fine Productions was initially released on XBLA and PSN over a year ago but was only as recently as March released on PC. Tim bought the game in the Steam Summer Sale, which continues to go around making everyone spend lots of money, and has provided us with […]

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