Local Multiplayer editorial – Everyone should get Towerfall

Do you remember local multiplayer? Back when the Nazis were rampaging across Europe and the days when if you had suggested an “always online” experience you would have been laughed back to whatever pit you crawled out of. Man, those were the days…

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Our Thoughts On: Stacking

Stacking, a puzzle/adventure game developed by Double Fine Productions was initially released on XBLA and PSN over a year ago but was only as recently as March released on PC. Tim bought the game in the Steam Summer Sale, which continues to go around making everyone spend lots of money, and has provided us with […]

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Syndicate Co-op Demo coming soon

You remember Syndicate right? The game that I only JUST heard about? Well a co-op demo is coming to XBL and PSN very soon. And when I say very soon I genuinely mean in like the next week or so. My understanding is that the XBL version will be available on the 31st of January while the PSN version will be […]

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