Borderlands 2 – 87 Bazillion Guns just got Bazilliondier

Borderlands 2 just got the most awesome trailer I’ve seen in a video game in a long time. It makes some pretty big promises as well! It shows graphics and gameplay which may well knock our socks off. It says that there will be bazillions more guns than the bazillions in the first one. It promises puking your face off in joy.

AND it promises 96.5% more WUBWUB! With dancing Claptraps? And Dubstep? And guns? And awesome? And a release date of the 21st of September?

Count me the in!

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Far Cry 3 gameplay

About 5 minutes of gameplay from Far Cry 3 have sneaked onto the internet leaving in it’s wake a series of “Ooo that looks cool”‘s and “Aaah another generic shooter”‘s.

Well, that’s how I felt when I was watching it. No doubt, the game is very pretty and the gameplay certainly looks fast paced and fun. But I imagine that’s how it feels to play Modern Warfare 3. I mean while it looks cool and there are some pretty damn nifty moments where you go “Daaaaayyuuum!” it doesn’t look like it really has much innovation or does anything particularly interesting.

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Max Payne 3 trailer

A second trailer has come our way from Rockstar Games for upcoming Max Payne 3. This particular trailer features a lot of what appears to be in-game footage and a serious voice-over explaining in a serious tone just how serious this serious situation is.

For serious! Why so serious?

*Cough* Anyway, yes check it out after the jump!

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Far Cry 3 trailer

I said yesterday that there was going to be a trailer for Far Cry 3 today. And look my friends, look how we have been rewarded! We have been rewarded with a trailer so full of awesome that I can’t even begin to express my amazement.

Okay as trailers go it’s pretty cool, but it has to be said (and I know I say this pretty often these days) the graphics in this trailer are some of the best I have EVER seen. I mean it, it looks absolutely awesome and can be seen here after the jump!

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Left 4 Dead Fan Film smacks us right in the Awesome

The film I mentioned a couple of weeks back came out a few days ago (it was posted on Youtube on the 16th of this month). And like a great many fan films these days it is absolutely awesome. I always think that live-action videos for games and fan stuff can sometimes just be so damn good and this video is no exception to either of those rules. Created by Airsoft GI and Northern Five Entertainment, it’s a genuinely awesome and cool video and I suggest you check it out after the jump!

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