Left 4 Dead Fan Film smacks us right in the Awesome

The film I mentioned a couple of weeks back came out a few days ago (it was posted on Youtube on the 16th of this month). And like a great many fan films these days it is absolutely awesome. I always think that live-action videos for games and fan stuff can sometimes just be so damn good and this video is no exception to either of those rules. Created by Airsoft GI and Northern Five Entertainment, it’s a genuinely awesome and cool video and I suggest you check it out after the jump!

A word of warning, after I post the video I am actually going to give some thoughts on it… So you should be sure to watch the video before scrolling too far down to avoid any spoilers…Anyway… enjoy some Zombie-pwning awesome:

Okay now I’m going to give some thoughts on it… This WILL contain spoilers…

Be advised! Spoilers ahead!

Last chance to watch the video if you haven’t yet!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Anyway I want to mention the ending of that video. Normally I don’t really give that much comment on trailers and fan films (although I think I might from now on… Sounds like a plan!) but the ending for this gave me pause. The feel of the whole video was great, they captured that Left 4 Dead atmosphere so perfectly, I mean I swear when you first hear the witch in the background I freaked out a little… I HATE those bitches… But then Master Chief steps in and blows her head off!

Now naturally the first reaction is goosebumps and a feel of “Hell yeah! Those zombies are totally fucked up now!” I mean I LOVE Master Chief! He’s the boss and one of my favourite video game characters of all time! But while it was awesome it completely ruined the feel of the whole film. I was willing to forgive it though, until Scorpion comes out of nowhere, followed by the Gears…

Now don’t get me wrong, all of this WAS awesome and was done fantastically but it just felt… BAD somehow! I mean I think a normal gamer will appreciate the video for being just awesome. But those more serious about game (like me) might share my point of view that it was just, well, silly. It feels sort of like it sold out in way. Rather than keep the atmosphere and serious feel of the film, it decided to chuck the Master Chief in there!

Ach… I really can’t explain why it makes me feel this way. It’s just, I dunno, not right that Master Chief and Scorpion and the Gears should all be in a Left 4 Dead fan film. It just seemed like they weren’t taking it seriously.

I realise that a lot of you must be going “What the hell are you smoking bro?!?” right now. But hey. That’s just how I feel. What started off as a serious and well done film ends up silly, over-the-top and unnecessary. For anyone who cares to listen… I am disappoint…

P.s. Can anyone help me make a suit of Master Chief armour that looks THAT good? Just checking…

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