Far Cry 3 trailer

I said yesterday that there was going to be a trailer for Far Cry 3 today. And look my friends, look how we have been rewarded! We have been rewarded with a trailer so full of awesome that I can’t even begin to express my amazement.

Okay as trailers go it’s pretty cool, but it has to be said (and I know I say this pretty often these days) the graphics in this trailer are some of the best I have EVER seen. I mean it, it looks absolutely awesome and can be seen here after the jump!

Whether or not I (or any of the MMGamers) will get Far Cry 3 is pretty uncertain right now. While the trailer is awesome, that in no way whatsoever means that the game is going to be good. I’d say it’s a good start and certainly makes it more tempting, but who knows what the future holds. But you aren’t here to listen to me ramble. You’re here to see vicious bloodshed on a distant tropical island… And a hot girl…

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