For the King review – For the SLOOTS

I’m not going to go so far as to say that I dislike roguelikes. In fact I can immediately name a couple I’ve had a good time with, along with a few darlings of the industry, things like FTL and Binding of Issac. However, for all that, I also think roguelikes in general are not aimed for me. After dying a few times I tend to get easily disheartened with playing through the same levels for the dozenth time in a row, with unvarying levels of progress and so I give up. In particular this tends to happen after an unusually successful run of the game, and so when this too inevitably ends in failure I simply give up on trying to get further. Continue reading

Mass Effect 3 – Voice Cast and Hardcore Awesome

A few interesting bits and pieces about Mass Effect 3 here for you today. First off we have a video which reveals the voice casting for some of the characters for Mass Effect 3 (new and old characters) which you can check out after the jump. I have to say it’s rather weird to actually look on the voice of Liara T’Soni, especially after having… Um… “Romanced” her in both previous Mass Effect games.

The other bit of interesting news is the information from the game’s lead designer Preston Watamaniuk that on Hardcore and Insanity mode they’ve tried to make the combat in Mass Effect much more than just a cover based shooter.

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