Mass Effect 3 – Voice Cast and Hardcore Awesome

A few interesting bits and pieces about Mass Effect 3 here for you today. First off we have a video which reveals the voice casting for some of the characters for Mass Effect 3 (new and old characters) which you can check out after the jump. I have to say it’s rather weird to actually look on the voice of Liara T’Soni, especially after having… Um… “Romanced” her in both previous Mass Effect games.

The other bit of interesting news is the information from the game’s lead designer Preston Watamaniuk that on Hardcore and Insanity mode they’ve tried to make the combat in Mass Effect much more than just a cover based shooter.

You can check the voice reveal trailer down at the bottom of this article. First off though, a little bit of information about the combat in Mass Effect.

You see apparently Bioware have gotten suggestions and feedback from all sorts of quarters that they needed to make the game’s harder modes… well HARDER! The intention is that in Mass Effect 3, you won’t be able to do what you were doing in previous Mass Effects. Hide behind some cover, occasionally popping out to shoot a few rounds and let off a biotic power while your squad absorbs the damage.

Their intention is to make you move around the battlefield, use every item, use every power and use them in the right combination and if you don’t use them right, you’ll die. And then in Insanity mode it will be even less forgiving.

Normal will apparently be similar to how it has been previously, but now in the harder game modes you will have to think and plan before attacking otherwise you’ll end up as so much flecks of goo on the walls.

According to Preston Watamaniuk:

“You really will have to think about each combat; who the enemies are, what kind of resistance you’re presented with, and then strategise to take them down. I’m hoping that it’ll feel like you made a mistake and the game called you on it, rather than, ‘I thought I was playing well, and then I died.’

“We’ve tried to make it so that it just feels like if you’re working the problem – using all your squad, all your powers, picking the right guns – you’re going to get through that combat.

“It’s not going to be, ‘I sat in cover and popped out five or six times to use powers and stuff.'”

So you’ll have to think about what gun you’re using, what powers you’re using, what ammo mods and what you’re team is doing. All in all it sounds fairly ambitious and I look forward to giving it a shot.

Now why don’t you check out the voice reveal trailer, as promised!

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