Anomaly 2 review – Not quite as unknown as you might think

Anomaly 2

Written and reviewed by Michael Burke.

Coming to the franchise, and the genre, for the first time I initially had nothing with which to compare Anomaly 2, but I can say that it is without a doubt an enjoyable game.

A mercifully brief introduction covered the predictably clumsy storyline extension from the previous game, along the lines of ‘we thought it was over, but they came back.’ Whilst perhaps not the calling of a classic novel, it adequately introduces the new player to the premise of the game, without boring the returning players, more focussing on putting you into the game, hell hounds blazing, with a series of quick tutorial levels.

The game graphics are attractive and importantly pretty clean for what is quite a busy game. The soundtrack, whilst not mind-blowing, fits well to the game creating a tense atmosphere as and when it is required. Also, love her or loath her, the Jane Lynch-esque basis of the Commander Bolt performance (actually Lani Minella) begrudgingly fits the game well.

Reverse tower defence or tower offence, is still a relatively new concept, and so the game still feels fresh. The game is fundamentally not that different from the previous iteration, but a few minor tactical adjustments from the previous game require a little more thinking to overcome the game on the harder levels whilst still retaining the fast paced mix of action and strategy.

The aim of the game is to build a squad capable of beating the towers, supported by a commander – you, who deploys a plethora of special effects like repairs and decoys to support your troop.

You collect resources to build more units and to upgrade your existing squad. Each unique unit has a second form, and this transformation behaviour essentially boils down to such things as speed vs. firepower, long range vs. short depending on the unit, and it is vital to master this tactically.

The real selling point of this game over the original is the expansion into multiplayer. This adds a much-needed extra to the game where, whilst enjoyable, the story mode is short and limited in scale. The multiplayer is enjoyable, but unfortunately it can sometimes be difficult to find a game when looking for someone to play, but it is also easy enough to hook up with friends.

Overall, the game is very well made and fun to play, with the multiplayer adding a new dimension to tower defence/offence and the final polish required, such that to new and returning players alike, this sequel is another solid title for 11bit.

Rating: B

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