Song of the Week – Age of Skyrim

Seb’s favourite female Youtuber, Malukah, is back with more covers of bard songs from Skyrim! This time we’ve got a double-bill lined up for you song hungry gamers! We’ll start with Age of Oppression for any other Stormcloaks amongst you but don’t worry we’ll follow it up with Age of Aggression for any of thee […]

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Skyrim Creation Kit release date

All you would be modders and designers can mark Tuesday down in your diary as Bethesda is releasing there Creation Kit Software to the public on Steam. When it goes live you can download the pack from the tools section on Steam and mod and change the game to your hearts content. Plus there is apparently, according […]

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Skyrim Update 1.4 Beta on Steam

Wait… What? Yeah, you heard me right. Update 1.4 for Skyrim which is due to be released soon on PC and Consoles is actually available in Beta form on Steam. So you can actually get all those delicious bug fixes already! You know… while they aren’t finished… It has been said that you should take […]

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Skyrim: Update coming soon

The full details of the next update coming for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have been released by Bethesda. Euorgamer were very kind to post the full list of changes and updates and I’ve simply copied and pasted them in here after the jump. So you can check them out wherever strikes your fancy. The main change […]

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Skyrim Review

This review is quite simply born of necessity. Both me and Tim have played Skyrim and it won our 2011 Game of the Year Award. Really though it’s hard to write something about the game that hasn’t been said already. Because it’s just so damned easy to rave and drool over Skyrim. Hell, if you need […]

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Skyrim: 2012 is full of WIN!

This short video created by the GroBroPros is set in Skyrim, except in 2012. And it is absolutely amazing! Not only is it fantastically well done and completely awesome. But it also takes the mickey in a way that is just so damn amusing! Honestly I cannot rave about this more. it has to be one […]

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