Skyrim Creation Kit, Space Cores and Awesome Creations

So, the free Creation Kit for Skyrim came out on Tuesday and the rumours proved true about the “big surprise”. Along with the creation kit you get access to a High Resolution texture pack for Skyrim.

Now I’m not going to lie I’ve looked through a few videos to try and find one that emphasises the difference, but really I haven’t seen anything that stands out in particular. I bet it does look better and if you played with it and then switched back to the normal texture pack you’d notice the difference, but just looking at videos on Youtube I can’t see anything different.

Anyway, with the Creation Kit we can expect to see some absolutely epic mods coming out for Skyrim pretty soon. If fact there are already some really cool things out there, and not just Dragon Ponies. There are some really amazing water mods which make the water look absolutely gobsmacking and Tim is currently running a mod which “sexifies” the cities which enhances the colours and saturation of the world, making it more vibrant and fabulous!

And we can hopefully look forward to seeing some even more fantastic stuff now including new quests and story arcs as well as the graphics mods!

Even Valve are getting in on the act and have released a small mod which adds the Space Core to that game (you can check out the video at the bottom). Now at the moment it’s useless but there are rumours and beliefs that Valve might actually introduce a proper module for Skyrim (I.e. a quest series of some sort). Portal combined with Skyrim? Be still my beating heart.

One last little Skyrim flavoured bit of news for you guys! In honour of the release of the Creation Kit, Bethesda have also released a video of what the creators themselves got up to when modding the game. Apparently they ran a thing called Game Jam shortly before release where they gave every team member a week to do whatever they wanted to the game and some of the results are absolutely spectacular! You can check that out here too!

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