Skyrim Update 1.4 Beta on Steam

Wait… What? Yeah, you heard me right. Update 1.4 for Skyrim which is due to be released soon on PC and Consoles is actually available in Beta form on Steam. So you can actually get all those delicious bug fixes already! You know… while they aren’t finished…

It has been said that you should take care in applying the update while it is unfinished and so if you want to try and it out you do so “at your own risk”. So yeah, you might want to back up the save files of your max level, fully-enchanted-home-crafted armour set Dovahkiin that you are so proud of before you decide to do this…

If you do, for whatever reason feel the urge to try out a Beta of a bunch of bug-fixes… Then all you have to do is (on Steam) go into your Account tab and then under the Settings section and click “change” on Beta Participation. A drop-down menu will appear. You should then select the “Skyrim Beta”, restart your Steam and it ought to work. Full details here. It’s also just as easy to undo as well.

But seriously. Was this necessary? We needed a Beta of what is essentially a load of bug fixes? Surely we draw the line somewhere on patience?

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